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Assessing the Environmental Impact of Grease Trap Waste

Grease trap cleaning service

If you own an eatery or a restaurant and enjoy a surge in the weekend traffic, be conscious about the hygiene of your kitchen. For owners of food outlets and restaurants, disposing of the grease ensures maximum hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen.

If you are looking forward to a company for grease trap cleaning in Dublin, you have come to the right place. At Greaseco, you will come across top servicemen for cleaning and maintenance of commercial grease traps. We ensure that the components of the trap are in good working order and function efficiently. Our motto is to care for the environment and hence our cleaning solutions and services focus on sustainability. But before that, you must know the negative environmental impact of solid waste emerging from commercial kitchens.

Here is what you must assess about the negative impact of grease trap waste:

Ever wondered why the FOGs that drain through the kitchen sink pose such a big problem for restaurant owners?  Why are commercial kitchen owners always on their toes when it comes to hiring a grease trap cleaning company? It is probably because grease tends to harden once it cools down and creates blockage in the sewer system. You know how devastating it is for restaurant owners to deal with grease when the sewer system develops a clog. It also affects the ecosystem tremendously in several ways. So, never fail to notice a malfunction in restaurant grease trap and delay in appointing a professional.

  • Destroys flora and fauna

The raw waste or FOGs proves toxic for plants and animals. When oil and grease find their way into the environment, it destroys and suffocates both animals and plants. If you fail to appoint a professional grease trap cleaning service, it will eventually ruin the entire ecosystem. When animals consume grease and oil, it reduces their chances of survival drastically.

  • Poisons water supplies

Prolonged clogs in the wastewater drainage system tend to double the damaging effects.  Bigger blockages may cause the pipes to burst, causing massive overflow of water that eventually mixes with groundwater. Bacteria in wastewater can prove toxic to health. So, don’t think that grease trap installation is all that prevents trouble, think again.

If you do not dispose of the FOG, it proves dangerous for the environment and is similar to the dangers associated with oil spills that cost wildlife. Essentially, grease and fat build-up may cause sewer backup or cause overflows. Such overflows return to the environment. The problem with FOG is that it is loaded with bacteria and pathogens, posing tremendous risk to people and animals.

The only way to prevent such damage is to maintain and clean the grease trap. When you look for grease trap cleaning near me, choose Greaseco to install and clean grease traps in commercial kitchens. We have been offering high-quality cleaning, maintenance, and installation of grease traps. Call 019081577 to speak to us today or to fill in the details to connect with us.

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