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Grease Trap Cleaning Cost And What You Should Know

Want to Know How Much Does Grease Trap Cleaning and Installation Cost?

If you work in a commercial kitchen unit, you must know all about grease traps. These traps are installed in the kitchen so that the waste is caught and the clean water gets released back into the soil. The commercial kitchen produces a lot more waste than domestic kitchens and well, we know that you already knew that! Wastes from commercial kitchens can be in the form of oils, fats, and grease which later gets accumulated in a tank. Of course, this commercial grease trap cleaning has to have to be done by a professional, and who is better than us at Greaseco! We are licensed and experienced in installing and paying regular visits to your establishment for restaurant grease trap cleaning services

You do not have to worry about paying a ‘hefty’ sum to us. Our grease trap cleaning prices are affordable in every way and they suit your pockets too! The cost of grease trap cleaning and installation is not universal. Depending on various factors generally, the cost of grease trap cleaning and installation gets calculated. So, if you are wondering how much you need to spend as grease trap cleaning cost or grease trap installation, then you need to know about the determining factors.

Grease Trap Cleaning

The Size-

The size of a commercial grease trap can vary based on the commercial purpose. It can be a minimum of 80 liter or a maximum of 2000 liter. Depending on the size of the trap, the waste will vary too, and so will the cleaning time. So, to know the cost of grease trap installation and cleaning, first, we will need to know about the size of the grease trap that you require. Depending on the size, the quality of steel used will vary too.

Position of the Grease Trap

The position of the grease trap matters a lot. When the grease trap is in a tricky position, e.g. upstairs, or at a very less-accessible area of the establishment, it will need more expertise and special equipment to reach the spot. So, this will also determine the grease trap cleaning cost. However, for a modern establishment, the position is generally standard. In that case, it can be universal. How the grease trap will be cleaned, we have already discussed that in detail.

If the Trap is Neglected

If your commercial kitchen has not experienced grease trap maintenance in a long time, well, our quotes will change then. It takes a lot of time and effort from our experienced teams to sort such messy kitchens out. Over time the waste that gets collected in the tank turns into a huge mass of solid. Yes! All that oil, fat, and grease takes the shape of one solid. If you have not been cleaning your grease trap for a long time, chances are, your drainage has also clogged. To sort all this out, we need more time and manpower. In situations like this, our quotes go higher. But do not worry! Our quotes will not put a dent in your pocket. Our licensed and experienced professionals will take care of the fact that your commercial kitchen becomes just as good as new!

The Amount of Waste

Well, this point is directly proportional to the previously mentioned point. Some kitchens produce less waste than others. If your tank is full, we will provide more team members to sort your kitchen out. In those cases, our quotes will be different than regular.

Since most of the factors related to the cost of grease trap cleaning service depend upon the amount of waste, it is beneficial if you maintain a regular cleaning of it. Also, it will cost you way less. Click on this link and fill up the contact form and get in touch with us to schedule regular visits to your establishment and clean the grease trap and the waste tanks. No interruption will occur in your business and you will receive a healthy and safe kitchen in no time.

How We Determine the Cost of Grease Trap Cleaning and Installation

Our experts will inspect the place beforehand to determine what arrangements need to be made for installation, cleaning, and waste disposal. And depending on the assessment, we will give you the quote. However, before you worry about how much it will cost, we can assure you, it will be affordable and within your budget. For more details, give us a call at 01-9081577 now.