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Complete Guide to Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Equipment

grease trap cleaning

Do you own a commercial restaurant and face issues of unpleasant odors and frequent fines or shutdowns? Well, the unclean grease is responsible for making your kitchen hygienic. Dealing with FOG is one of the toughest challenges that restaurant owners face. While the floating FOG poses a threat to the hygiene of your kitchen, it is a threat to the environment as well. That is why you may need the services of, one of the stalwarts of cleaning the grease traps. We are an Ireland-based grease trap cleaning service helping you get rid of blocked and overflowing drains. Here is the equipment we use to clean the grease trap.

࡬ Liquid core sampler

The first tool needed for cleaning the grease trap before it is serviced, is the liquid core sampler, aka the sludge judge. This equipment helps in testing grease, oils, fats, and the water content within the trap or the interceptor. There are different types of liquid samplers that we use for the FOG.

Grease trap cleaning service

࡬ Scraping tool

When cleaning a grease trap commercial kitchen, a scraper tool helps in effective cleaning. We use this tool to scrape off the FOG from the walls of the unit at the same time. It is a multi-purpose tool used for various other cleaning tasks.

࡬ Vacuum pump truck

Another of the most important tools to be used for cleaning the grease trap is the vacuum pump truck or a dolly pumper. These pump trucks are available in various sizes and capacities and come with a big vacuum tank and a vacuum pump. While the hoses stay connected to the truck, they are extended to the grease trap for commercial kitchens for effective cleaning. If the trap or interceptor is installed remotely, a dolly pumper is used to clean the unit and requires making several trips between the serviced trap and the dolly pump truck with the vacuum pump attached to it. The method of pumping the FOG is repeated several times to empty the entire FOG.

࡬ Water hose

Once the experts coming to clean a grease trap scrapes the FOG content from the walls of the unit and pump them out, it’s time to wash down the pipes and walls. Often, the grease that builds up on the walls of the unit becomes so hard that the workers need to hose or wash down the pump to clean the unit effectively. The other items needed to clean the trap and interceptor are plumbing pliers, pry bars, and a battery-powered screwdriver.

Want to install a grease trap or clean it effectively? Hire our experts at where they come and clean the unit and avoid blocked drains. For scheduling an appointment with us, visit or call at 019081577.

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