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Commercial Grease Trap Maintenance Checklist for Spring

Grease trap maintenance

Spring is knocking on the doors and turns out to be the busy season for restaurant owners. Therefore, your restaurant must be in proper working order. One way, to ensure the functionality of your restaurant kitchen is through grease trap maintenance.

If you are yet to service the grease trap of your commercial kitchen, make sure that it meets the local regulations and codes. Grease traps are usually installed in commercial kitchens to prevent grease and oils to go down the drains and cause build-up in the sewers and pipelines. All this may require expensive cleaning and repairs. If you maintain the grease trap, you will be better prepared to handle the hustle and bustle of spring. At Greaseco, we offer grease trap maintenance in Ireland regularly to ensure that your restaurant kitchen is safe from a complete shutdown and so is your business operation.

Here is the grease trap maintenance checklist for spring

  1. Know the obligations for installation
  2. When it comes to grease trap installation, requirements, and standards may differ. Therefore, our team refers to local regulations and inspects the kind of grease trap installed in your commercial kitchen, its exact place, and how you need to maintain it regularly. Moreover, we offer eco-friendly solutions for cleaning and maintaining the grease trap.

  3. Is the trap properly placed?
  4. Unless the interceptor is properly placed and comes with a lid properly fitted, you may face spillage and have a weird odour in the kitchen. Improperly placed traps also encourage pests and other materials to enter and block the trap.

  5. Prevent oil and food waste from entering the trap
  6. While a prime function of grease traps Ireland is to separate food solids and grease, you must not pour things down the sink recklessly. That way, the trap may become clogged more easily and quickly. In short, do not make the trap a unit for disposing of rubbish.

  7. Know the signs of a blocked trap
  8. If you notice water holding inside the sink or draining too slowly, it’s time you call us for inspection and maintenance. Remember that grease build-up over a long time may result in a foul smell near the sink. The more you delay cleaning and maintenance, the worse it gets.

  9. Leave the maintenance to professionals
  10. It’s good to watch the signs of malfunction in your restaurant grease trap but you need to leave it to professionals. Using solvents and enzymes in excess may dissolve the oils and grease. Although it will break down the waste, it may damage or corrode the pipes. Our maintenance services will keep the pipes and the trap clean and free from blockages.

So, if you are ready to give your grease trap cleaning and maintenance a boost, get an estimate of the grease trap cleaning cost from us. We specialise in maintaining and cleaning the interceptor and disposing of the waste in an eco-friendly manner. Visit to know more about our services or call 01 9081577 to speak to our experts for result-driven solutions.

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