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Food Safety, Sanitation, And Hygiene In Commercial Establishment

Grease trap cleaning image

Ensure Complete Hygiene in your Commercial establishment

With the enforcement of new environmental laws, Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors have become more important and a strict requirement in all premises and establishments particularly in the food and restaurant business sector.

Waste fats, oils and greases (FOG) from restaurants and food outlets have caused havoc in the waste water systems around the country and need to be kept from entering the sewerage systems.

To stop fats oils and grease entering into the municipal sewerage system it is advised and in some areas compulsory to have a commercial kitchen grease trap and maintain a grease trap interceptor on their premises and to have it serviced regularly by a licensed waste collection company.

The importance of maintaining a healthy and clean grease trap should not be underestimated. Grease trap cleaning and maintenance is essential to avoid costly repairs further down the line and a possible disruption of your business.

As grease enters the grease trap in many cases mixed with hot water the liquid eventually cools and as water and grease do not mix, the grease floats to the top. Water then is released from the bottom of the trap under separation baffles and down the exit drain.

However, if there is no system in place for grease trap cleaning or grease trap maintenance then eventually the grease will build up sufficiently enough to escape with the water and into the exiting drainage system.

It is therefore highly important to have a grease trap maintenance and cleaning schedule in place.

If sufficient enough grease is allowed to enter the drainage system it will eventually block and depending on how serious the blockage is then it could be a costly and time-consuming operation to unblock.

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