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Cost Cutting Strategies to Unlock Grease Trap Savings

grease trap cleaning services

The operational cost of commercial kitchens can range anywhere from a few thousand euros to tens of thousands. When times are tough, it’s difficult to stay afloat as a business. That’s why it’s important to find opportunities to save money and cut down on costs.

You don’t need to cut the quality of ingredients to save money. Instead, the grease trap may have a few answers. While that contraption is used to trap grease, oil and other such filth from going to the sewers, it can also help you save money. For instance, regular grease trap cleaning can help you save a lot of money in the long term and that’s where Greaseco excels.

Improve your bottom line with these grease trap tips:

1. Filter out solid food

Even the most advanced grease trap isn’t designed to get rid of solid waste. It can stop fats, oils and grease(FOG) and that’s about it. When solid waste isn’t filtered out before pouring grease into the trap, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The trap is going to stop working and overflow very quickly. That’s going to increase cleaning costs in the next session. As a grease trap cleaning service in Ireland, we always recommend our clients filter out the solid food with a fine mesh before pouring the grease in.

2. Schedule regular cleaning

Grease traps are designed to stop the FOG particles from flowing into the sewers and trap them inside a secured space. With limited capacity, that trap is going to get full when it doesn’t get cleaned regularly. Grease traps for commercial kitchens have limited capacity and need to be cleaned out and emptied before they reach that capacity. We recommend you clean it every three or four months to avoid spills and costly repairs.

3. Don’t wait for malfunctions

From foul smells to slow drainage flow, there are multiple glaring signs of a grease trap that’s on the verge of malfunctioning. Don’t continue to use a grease trap that shows obvious signs of malfunction. Otherwise, you may miss the cleaning or repair window and end up with a costly replacement in the future.

Keep an eye out for those signs and call the grease trap cleaning service near me as soon as possible. We can inspect your trap for troubling signs and suggest the best solution that comes with fewer hassles and a lower price tag.

If you are looking for reliable services that don’t come with a high grease trap cleaning price, Greaseco is your preferred choice. We have a reputation for providing high-quality services at affordable prices. Write to us at or click on this link to book your next cleaning session now.

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