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Factors to Consider Before Installing Grease Traps in Universities and Colleges

restaurant grease trap cleaning

Have you ever wondered why kitchens in colleges and universities where a high volume of meal preparation takes place every day need grease traps? They are also essential to counter the regular issues of overflowing kitchens and plumbing malfunctions.

If you are in charge of grease trap installation in educational institutions, you have come to the right place. At Greaseco, we have been dealing with grease trap installation and cleaning services in Ireland. Our sustainable cleaning and maintenance techniques go a long way in preserving the equipment in commercial kitchens. Grease traps deal with waste disposal that harms the environment immensely and prevent the fats, oils, and grease to escape into the sewer system.

Here are things to consider before installing grease traps in the kitchens of educational institutions:

  • Check the size of the trap
  • Before you move ahead with commercial grease trap installation, make sure you know the appropriate size of the trap the kitchen needs. Usually, kitchens in colleges and universities are a hub for collecting fats and grease. Moreover, washing the serving ware in the kitchen sink leads to clogs in pipes, so you need to know the size of the trap during installation.

  • Comply with the regulations
  • Commercial kitchens in Ireland need to install grease interceptors based on the legislation that we are aware of. By selecting our services, you will save yourself from the stress of legal compliance as we are aware of the specifications and the local ordinance. For instance, if you fail to choose the exact capacity of the grease trap that the university kitchen requires, you may face penalties. Our professionals not only install the equipment. We are equally skilled in grease trap maintenance, so you can rely on us for comprehensive services.

  • What is served to students?
  • Not all commercial grease traps function similarly. While some are designed to collect more grease others may only contain FOGs partially. Therefore, you need to assess what you are planning to serve in restaurants. We work together with the people in charge of commercial kitchens to ensure that the equipment works perfectly and provide a grease trap cleaning service whenever you need it.

  • Maintenance of the trap
  • Even before you install the grease trap in the kitchens of colleges and universities, think about the maintenance. Without maintaining the equipment properly, you cannot prevent nasty backups in kitchens, which in turn may hamper the hygiene level of the pantry. We offer grease trap maintenance services in commercial kitchens. Trust us if you need to maintain hygiene in the kitchens of colleges and universities.

Are you ready to install the grease interceptor in a university kitchen? At Greaseso, we have a professional way of dealing with clients and offer the most competitive rates, be it for installation, maintenance, or cleaning of the trap. Call 019081577 to speak to us about cleaning and installation or click here to fill out the form.

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