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Grease Trap Cleaning Frequency

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Maintain your Commercial Grease Trap with Scheduled Cleaning by Grease Trap Cleaning

How often should I have my grease trap cleaned? A question that many food, kitchen and commercial food producers ask. Unfortunately, this question is not so clear. The grease trap cleaning frequency of any outlet is very much dependent on the amount of volume and business that is being generated through the operations of the commercial kitchen and outlet. As a rule of thumb for many commercial kitchen activities the norm is usually 4 times per year or every quarter. It is however important that if there is a consistent pattern of blockages happening when you are clearly having your grease trap maintenance scheduled every quarter the schedule of grease trap pumping may need to be increase.

There are however many bio-degreaser chemicals available that can help a smooth functioning of your grease traps and lead to less blockages. These chemicals break down the grease in the grease trap and provide an easier passage for the F.O.G (fats, oils, and grease) to escape.

To sum it all up, the normal grease trap cleaning frequency is usually 4 time per year or every 3 months unless you are experiencing frequent blockages. If and when you may need grease trap cleaning service then contact a registered and licensed company to carry out the task for you.

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