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How to Avoid Grease Trap Pipe Clogs From Fat,Oils and Grease?

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Have Hassle-free Cleaning of your Clogged Grease Trap Pipes with Grease Trap Cleaning

How can you avoid having your grease trap pipe clogged with fats, oils and grease?

Once this happens it very often becomes a serious problem for restaurants, takeaways and other food outlets. When a grease trap is not maintained properly, the grease and fats, unknown to the operator, will build up substantially in the grease trap, to the point when the grease trap will not be able to hold them and they will spill over into the out-flowing waste pipe. This will often cause an emergency and panic in the kitchen as it is now no longer possible to discharge any washup water or waste water into the sinks as the grease trap will overflow onto the floor area often causing bad odors and smells which are often picked up by your customers. At worst you may need to have the waste piping replaced but certainly will need emergency drain cleaning in order to try to break the blockage. Or you might need new grease trap installation.

grease trap pipe clogged

How To Avoid The Problem

A grease trap cleaning and maintenance schedule will most certainly avoid this problem as the regular grease trap pumping and wash down will keep your grease trap flowing. The grease trap cleaning service will remove the buildup of fats oils and grease normally on a quarterly basis and keep the flow of waste water running smoothly. A good reliable service will in the long term save you costs and down time and will eliminate the risk of long-term damage to your pipework internally and externally.

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