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How Does Your Restaurant Grease Trap Work?

Restaurant Grease Trap

Grease traps are the plumbing device that gets installed right outside your commercial eatery. This is the thing that is responsible for intercepting fats, grease and oils from the wastewater and then release the uncontaminated wastewater to the sewer system.

At Greaseco, we offer the best quality stainless steel automatic grease traps that will help you keep the FOG away from the pipes and the ground so that the groundwater doesn’t get contaminated. In fact, the government has made it mandatory to install grease traps for all commercial kitchens. We offer Dublin City Council Certified grease trap commercial kitchen so that you can keep your place healthy and hygienic. Along with that, we also clean and maintain your grease trap so that the FOG doesn’t clog this device and give birth to the same issues that you wanted to avoid in the first place.

How Does Grease Trap Work

How Does Grease Trap Work?

A grease trap actually is like a retention chamber. When the wastewater is released from your kitchen, from the floor, sink and dishwasher, it has a lot of FOG and solid food particles. The nature of grease is that when it cools down, it forms solid clogs. The job of grease trap is to collect this FOG and the solid particles and prevent them enter the wastewater disposal system. This is an efficient device that works to ensure that the restaurant and the surrounding areas remain clean and hygienic. To ensure the full functionality and efficiency of the trap, you need to get grease trap cleaning service at regular intervals.

FOG Programme

Many cities are Ireland are facing the issue of severe blockage in the drain due to FOG accumulation in the city sewer system. This can result in really horrible results like overflowing of the wastewater within the premises of the commercial kitchen or flooding the street with wastewater. The water will be unhygienic, will increase the chances of infection for the people and the community and cause a foul smell.

This is why Dublin City Council started its FOG Programme back in 2008. This system makes it obligatory to have the license for the commercial kitchens as proof that the grease trap is installed and regularly maintained by a professional company offering grease trap cleaning service like us. This license will help the city council understand that you have installed the right size of the grease trap too.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to Greaseco and install the right grease trap today. Dial 019081577 now for more details.


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