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How Regular Grease Trap Cleaning Aids the Drainage Maintenance Plan of Your Business

Drainage Maintenance

Every aspect of a commercial kitchen is crucial but a drainage maintenance plan is a thing you cannot ignore. If you own one wherein the workers pour oils through the drains, it will disrupt the plumbing system of your eatery. Eventually, it may damage the sewer system of the city. However, installing a grease trap makes your commercial place free from clogged drains. Do you think it’s enough to install this plumbing device? It also needs cleaning and that is what we are here for. We at Greaseco happen to be one of the experts dealing with drain cleaning Kildare for good. Several commercial restaurant owners in and around Ireland have benefited from our services and nothing should hold you back as well.

grease trap clean

Cleaning grease traps: is it important?

Have you ever been in a situation where a leaking faucet in your bathroom results in an overflowing home? Imagine what may happen in an eatery where oil flows down the drain every minute. You may not sit back and relax just because there is an interceptor installed. You must appoint experts for cleaning grease traps and avoid many disasters in the restaurant. So, why don’t you have a word with our team and get to know how often the grease trap requires cleaning? The wash-up sink in the kitchen is the area that bears the brunt of draining FOG regularly. Consult our experts and let them check the condition of the plumbing device. We suggest the following to the restaurant owners:

  1. Cleaning the vessels is necessary before washing. Scrape the food remnants from the utensils and dump them in the garbage bags.
  2. Check the trap more often than you should, especially if you have a crowd pouring in regularly.
  3. We strongly recommend not to use hot or boiling water to go down the drain. Contrary to popular thinking, the hot water melts the fat inside the pipe and lets it mix with the wastewater which eventually harms the environment.
  4. Watch what goes down the wash-up sinks of your restaurant as it prevents the interference of the work in your cooking area. We take more time to clean the plumbing device in this area that under go the least maintenance. Often, we recommend the replacement of this device or it becomes too full or severely damaged.
  5. If you have been pouring chemicals or other cleaning agents down the drain, you may have already damaged the environment. Our maintenance is in line with the eco-friendly method. Therefore, you won’t be damaging the environment any further.

When unclean grease traps bother you and the environment, reach us at or call us at 019081577 to know the grease trap cleaning price. We offer reasonable rates and the customers swear by our drainage maintenance plan.


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