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How to Avoid Complications During Grease Trap Installation?

Grease trap installation

Most commercial kitchens or food services need to install grease traps. But implementing the correct installation method is the other part of the story. Often, small restaurants try to install grease interceptors, thinking that it would save them money. But not everything is so easy to handle.

Why does grease trap installation require expertise?

If you are planning to launch your restaurant shortly and need to go for commercial grease trap installation, here is why you need to call Greaseco to handle the complicated task. We are one of the most reliable service providers in Ireland to help customers manage their restaurant operations smoothly.

  • Grease traps require an outlet pipe or a vent that needs to be placed depending on the model of the trap. Naturally, you need to call for experts to manage the task seamlessly.
  • The placement of the equipment needs to be appropriate and only experts follow the instructions properly
  • There needs to be adequate space between the removable part and the bottom portion of the sink.
  • To install the interceptor in your commercial kitchen, you will need a valve to control the flow and a cleanout plug.

Now, it is natural that you won’t have the materials needed for grease trap installation or have knowledge of the correct procedure to install the equipment. That is why you will need us to not only install the equipment correctly but prevent the mistakes that lead to incorrect installation.

Impact of the wrong installation

Installing a grease trap properly won’t be as easy as pie. It is not about cutting a few pipes to install the equipment. Here is the impact of installing the trap wrongly:

  • Grease entering wastewater
  • The primary function of the grease trap is separating FOGs from wastewater but installing it improperly may make this task incomplete. As a result, grease may not be separated from wastewater, which in turn may lead to legal implications. If you want to manage your waste and grease properly, you need to call us for grease trap cleaning services.

  • Overflowing interceptors
  • The last thing you want to avoid in your commercial kitchen is an overflowing sink that usually results from improper cleaning. But depending on where you have installed the equipment, plumbing can turn complicated and result in such overflows. For instance, the outlet pipe or the vent of the equipment needs to stay at a specific height and angle to ensure that the outflow is proper.

  • Getting permits
  • If you do not appoint experts to install grease traps, you won’t be getting the necessary permits. Later, if you are found guilty of wrong DIY installation, be prepared to face the worst consequences. So, hire us for competent workers to ensure that you get the permits on time and the alignment of pipes and vent placement is appropriate.

    At Greaseco, we offer professional grease trap installation services in Kildare and are also appointed for grease trap cleaning near me for experience and reliability that is truly unmatched. Visit here to know more about us or call 019081577 to schedule an appointment today to successfully launch your restaurant.

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