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How to Avoid Grease Trap Clogs In the Hospital Cafeterias?

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Hospital cafeterias are usually flooded with people, so things are getting trickier for them. The primary reason behind the crowd is the families of patients and the hospital staff relying on the cafeteria for food and refreshment. Catering to such a huge crowd adds a lot of stress when it comes to waste management and draining the excel oil after food preparation. The result is a clogged grease trap that requires constant cleaning and maintenance. Are you the owner of a hospital cafeteria in Dublin? You are in the right place as Greaseco is one of the best-known names in Ireland when it comes to grease trap cleaning Dublin. We ensure that you say goodbye to overflowing grease traps apart from any other problem you might be facing while running the business.

Is preventive maintenance good?

Want to avoid a grease clog? We recommend educating the employees about preventive maintenance of the trap. For instance, the staff at the cafeteria needs to wipe off the pans, silverware, and dishes regularly before rinsing them. So, you will have a minimum amount of grease entering through the drain. Moreover, oils and grease from the meals, pans, and fryers need to stay under lock and key. So, the staffs need to be familiar with the waste disposal techniques to avoid the issue of grease clog. Apart from this, restaurant grease trap cleaning at regular intervals also helps prevent the formation of clogs.

Scheduling grease trap cleaning

The hospital cafeterias cater to chunks of customers regularly when serving them meals. Therefore, preparing large quantities of food results in a lot of greases. So, you need a commercial grease trap cleaner to clean the equipment of your commercial kitchen.  Neglect the cleaning and expect backflow to the drains and sinks. Moreover, the weird smell that comes out from unclean traps will affect the footfall and increase the risk of fire. As a professional cleaning service, we are happy to address unclean grease traps in restaurants.

Cleaning the grease trap in regular intervals

Our experts recommend scheduled cleaning of the grease trap in regular intervals or every three months. We will scrape, scour, and drain the trap to ensure thorough cleaning and prevent back flowing in commercial kitchens. Collecting the used cooking oil and cleaning the grease trap is an essential tricky job and involve handling a lot of dirt. So, when the time comes to clean it, you will never expect your staff to raise their hands. So, leave it to us and you won’t see any mess.

If you are looking for a professional cleaning service for your grease traps in hospital cafeterias, Greaseco is here to help. We offer commercial grease trap installation as well. Why don’t you schedule your next cleaning with us and get the most convenient services at affordable rates? Call 019081577 to schedule a consultation with us today.

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