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How to Clean a Septic Tank? 5 Methods That Experts Follow

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The large tank that stays buried and located underground for treating wastewater flowing out of the premises require proper cleaning. Over the period, the scum and sludge build-up inside multiplies and reduces the rate of draining. To get rid of these build-ups, septic tank cleaning needs to take place within a year or in a couple of years. Besides, you must appoint a professional inspector to look into the system once in three years.

The system itself needs to be pumped at an interval of three to five years. Technically, you may handle the cleaning but the process is laborious and when done incorrectly may cause irreparable damage to it. At Greaseco, we have experts handling the arduous cleaning procedure and ensuring that the system keeps functioning uninterrupted, visit today! We are an Ireland-based company catering to the customers of the Kildare, Offaly, and Laoise areas. Here are the 5 effective methods that experts follow.

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Professional septic tank cleaning methods:

A professional is well-equipped to clean the wastewater system and can locate it easily. Moreover, they have the tools needed to pump the tank. With proper knowledge, training, and the right tools, the waste materials can be successfully removed and disposed of when you hire experts for the task. Here is the step-by-step procedure.

  • Uncovering the lid

The septic tank cleaning near me you hire needs to open the access lid of the system. Although the procedure seems simple initially, tackling the general wear and tear may make it difficult. As experts, we often suggest replacing the lid when it is thoroughly damaged.

  • Pumping out

The liquid and solid particles are sucked out of the tank with the help of a high-powered hose connected to the vacuum truck. Although the hose is seemingly powerful, thick layers of sludge and scum may prolong the process.

  • Washing the tank

The remaining waste particles are washed out of the system and the interiors are cleaned adequately. Emptying the tank through pumping and washing is one of the vital parts of the entire cleaning process and may take longer than usual based on the volume of solids.

  • Visual inspections

After pumping and washing the system, the experts check the interior and exterior of the tank to ascertain the extent of deterioration. Checking the dividing wall and the baffles are also a part of it.

  • Closing the lid

Now the lid needs to be closed and the technicians do it immediately after the cleaning process.

If you are wondering how often the septic tank needs to be pumped and washed out, our experts will answer based on the size of the premises and the number of people staying there. At Greaseco, we have professionals providing you with a reasonable cost of emptying septic tank Ireland. So, click here and reach for us to get the best solutions. Call us at 019081577 or 086 2504307 to know more about our services.

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