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How to Clean Your Grease Trap Properly?

Clean Your Grease Trap Properly

When you are running a restaurant, keeping the environment of the establishment proper, clean and free from any odor is imperative. And for that, grease traps can help you a lot. Greaseco is the most reliable grease removal company as well as manufacturer and supplier of Dublin City Council approved grease traps for commercial kitchens. We are your best option for anything related to grease trap.

If you are looking for grease trap cleaning service, it is always a better idea to partner with us. We are a professional team with the right equipment and trained staff. Our service is worth every penny you spend. We have previously explained how grease trap works. Here you will get to see how the cleaning will be done.

grease trap cleaning service

Step by Step Guide of Grease Trap Cleaning

  • At first, the lid of the grease trap will be removed very gently. We make sure that any gasket of the lid doesn’t get damaged.
  • The next step will be measuring how much grease is there in the trap. This needs to be reported. Sowe will measure how much grease has been accumulated in the grease trap.
  • We use a small plump to bring out the water from your restaurant grease trap. This water will be stored in a bucket so that it can be used later.
  • We bring heavy duty scooper with us. With this equipment, we will scoop out the solid layer of grease out of the trap. If you are not contacting us or any other professional company for the job and doing it yourself, then you will need a shovel to remove the grease. This is not the best idea as you might end up damaging the grease trap. That is why trusting us with the task will be a better idea.
  • We will scrap the bottom and the side of the trap so that the solid build-up can be removed. We will also scrub the parts to remove the screen. Then we will use the water to pour inside the trap.
  • Finally, we will reinstall all the removed parts of the trap including the lid.

So, if you are looking for reputed grease trap cleaners, then come to us at Greaseco. Dial 019081577 now for more details of our prompt flexible service.


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