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Got a Clogged Main Sewer Line? Here’s What You Must Do.

Clogged Main Sewer Line

There are days when you open your restaurant and start planning how amazing you are going to make this morning or the day for the diners. And then there are days when you plan the same and yet, some unfortunate incident awaits you just around the corner and the moment you start your day, it appears out of nowhere. Emergencies like clogged drains and sewers are like that.

Clogged Sewer and Grease Trap Cleaning Services

At Greaseco, we say that we are always just a call away for emergency purposes. Well, this is the kind of emergency we talk about. When you are starting your day, you notice some sort of unusual thing in your establishment, foul smell, drain blocked, puddle on the floor, or gargling sound down the pipe. These types of problems call for immediate attention and that is why you need to call us at Greaseco for grease trap cleaning service right away. We are the best option when you are searching for grease trap cleaning near me.


So, what are the signs of clogged drains and sewers which will tell you to call us or any agency of commercial grease trap cleaning services right away? Take a look.

Signs of Clogged Sewer

  • The most tell-a-tale sign of a clogged drain is dark water in the floor drain. The low-lying drains are the spots where you will see the accumulation of dark or puddle water. Pay attention to the drain of the kitchen to see if there is any dark water or not.


  • Look if the sink is slowly draining the water or not. When the pipes of the sinks are clean and clog free, the water will go down smoothly. When there is a lot of FOG (fats, oils and grease) accumulation, you will see that the water is going down slowly and the sink is full of water.


Clogged Sewer Line


Why Does This Happen?

When FOG gets into the pipe, it starts to create a clog. Hot FOG is liquid in shape. But the more it cools off, the more it turns into a solid clog. And that solid FOG will get into the pipe and clog the sewer if the grease trap is not cleaned regularly.


We, Greaseco, are the most reputed manufacturer and supplier of grease traps Ireland. We also offer prompt and flexible service so that you can get rid of the FOG at your convenience, regularly, on an emergency basis at your own time so that you don’t lose any business. For more details, dial 019081577.

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