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How to Identify the Malfunctioning of Your Restaurant Grease Trap?

grease trap

The restaurant grease trap is one of the most important aspects of daily kitchen operations. Your eatery business would not run should there be an issue in the grease interceptor. If you fail to detect the issue, the problem may turn into a headache quickly. Besides, neglecting the cleanliness of the interceptor may also result in a costly mess with your kitchen operations coming to a halt. Naturally, it may cost your business time and money. If you have been noticing potential issues in the grease trap of your restaurant and finding ways to come out of it, you are in the right place. Greaseco, the grease trap cleaning company in Ireland offers extensive services to commercial kitchen owners. We will help you know what to look for to detect problems in the grease trap.

Here are a few signs that help you determine problems in the grease trap.

  1. Slow drainage of water
  2. Have you noticed that the grease trap is taking more time than usual to empty itself? Well, it’s time you call us to open the interceptor for a thorough inspection. Slow drainage is an early sign of a blockage in the lines or it may indicate corrosion of some parts of the trapping equipment. It is one of the easiest ways to detect a failure in the trap. Try to take action soon as the problem may not seem too damaging initially but turn into a sizeable issue when neglected.

  3. Weird smell
  4. If you get a strong and foul odour inside the kitchen, there might be an issue with the trap. When fats, grease, and oils do not drain properly, they might sit there, eventually leading to a bad smell when left unaddressed for a long time. Do you know why? When bacteria break down the solidified FOGs, causing them to spoil, it eventually starts emitting a bad odour. Besides, a foul odour may come from the gases when the opening of the interceptor is blocked. Imagine how the occupancy of your food establishment may become affected if the smell goes outdoors. If you do not want the traffic of your eatery to fall due to malfunctioning in the grease interceptor, get to us for cleaning and maintenance. We have been associated with cleaning grease traps Ireland for a long and are a one-stop solution for all kinds of malfunctioning equipment.

  5. Overflowing trap
  6. An overflowing grease trap may cause tremendous issues during peak business hours in the restaurant. Is it worth neglecting the cleanliness of the equipment? Why should you let your money flow along with the FOGs? We recommend pumping the trap once every three months for it to function properly and failing to address this issue may cause the interceptor to overflow. However, clogged pipes or lines may also result in an overflowing trap.

If you want the malfunctioning of your grease interceptor corrected before it gets too late, call 019081577 or email the issues to We offer the most reasonable grease trap cleaning prices in Ireland and the highest quality cleaning and maintenance service. At Greaseco, we offer services under the current regulations of Irish Water and Dublin City Council.

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