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Master the Do’s and Don’ts of Grease Trap Maintenance!

Grease trap maintenance

Any restaurant or business owner who has to use a commercial grease trap on a daily basis must maintain it in top condition. A commercial grease trap is one of the most overlooked components of your kitchen. However, ignoring maintenance would cost you.

While the internet is full of knowledge and recommendations, some of them work while others are unverified claims. You must not leave grease trap maintenance to chance. That may come back to bite you in the form of expensive repair costs. That’s why we have compiled the ultimate list of dos and don’ts for interceptor maintenance.

  • Do install the trap properly

Installation is the first step for using any type of commercial device or appliance and the same holds for grease traps. Check the floor of the kitchen or the compartment sink and make sure to record the outlet dimensions. You must buy a trap that fits the outlet and follow the commercial grease trap installation properly.

If the trap isn’t installed properly, it wouldn’t work properly to separate the fat particles or be very slow at the job. That’s why most business owners prefer to call professionals for grease trap installation.  At Greaseco, we are one of the best interceptor cleaning organisation that helps you stay compliant with regulations and keep the filth out of your commercial kitchen. Don’t pour boiling water into the trap. The trap holds the solidified grease and keeps it from escaping into your wastewater system. However, if your employees don’t have the right training and pour hot water into it, the grease melts down and slips through the trap.

  • Do keep it clean

You need to get your commercial trap cleaned every few months to keep it working in order. Otherwise, you invite clogging and many other problems that may come back to bite into your operating costs as expensive repairs.

  • Don’t use random solvents

Installation complications aren’t the only reasons for hiring grease trap installation services. You also need to hire professionals so that they can use safe cleaning agents on the trap. If you buy random enzymes and solvents, they may cut down the FOG particles temporarily. However, in reality, most of those products separate the grease from water.

When that happens, the grease flows into the drain or sewer system. Eventually, it will solidify and clog the wastewater system. If the cleaning agents are made from toxic ingredients, they may cause severe harm. Most cities and municipalities ban the use of such products and may penalize you with hefty fines. At Greaseco, we use sustainable and approved cleaning agents to break down grease and dispose of it responsibly. You can hire our grease trap cleaning service with confidence.

At Greaseco, we have the expertise and experience to install and clean your grease trap in the safest possible way. When you hire our service, we also make sure to comply with all the regulations and safely dispose of the waste. To know more, get in touch with us by filling up the form at

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