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Passive vs Mechanical Grease Traps

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Passive or Mechanical? Find out Which Kind of Grease Trap is better for you

Thinking of installing or changing your Grease Trap? One question comes to mind with almost every person who makes the call! Should I install a passive grease trap or should i  install a mechanically operated grease trap? The first though that comes to everyone mind is of course cost! It is common knowledge that there are many cheap and cheerful passive grease traps available to buy and one might get a little lump in the throat when pricing a mechanically operated version. Let’s examine the Pro’s and Cons..

Passive grease trap:

Pro’s:.. A passive grease trap in many cases comes much cheaper they are easier to install in some cases however they become more difficult when the installation is a larger passive trap that needs to be sunk into the ground and carefully levelled into place. Some of the new passive grease traps like for instance Trapzilla are gaining great reviews as their system is more Eco friendly and catches and retains much more fat and oils than their cheaper counterparts.

Cons:..However the cheaper versions especially if they are small require much more attention and need to be cleaned on a more regular basis, these tend to be more of the under counter models in smaller outlets and tend to block much more easily In our opinion this is a no no no……

Mechanically Driven Traps..

Pro’s:..Now for the more expensive type of trap.The mechanically driven grease trap automatically collects the grease and fats on a periodic timer which tend to keep the trap cleaner for much longer. They do not need restaurant grease trap cleaning as often and in general need a lot less tending to.

Cons:..They tend to be a lot more expensive and are usually only available for under counter or confined areas. Smaller traps similar to these would struggle in a very busy hotel or large kitchen environment and therefore are unsuitable. Maintenance is higher in cost as eventually mechanical parts do wear!

So there you have it….Passive or Mechanical? You Choose and hire grease trap cleaners for cleaning regularly!

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