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Unlocking the Price Tag: The Cost of Septic Tank Emptying

septic tank cleaning prices

If your residence or commercial establishment is in a rural area, you’re already aware of the role of a functional septic tank. Without access to a sewer system, it’s an essential component that collects all the waste generated at your home, restaurant, pub, or any other business. You must keep it clean to keep it in working order. However, what’s the cost of emptying one?

The cost of septic tank emptying can vary dramatically depending on several factors. From the size to the accessibility of the tank, everything needs to be taken into account. It may vary anywhere from less than €100 to hundreds of euros. Greaseco is well-known in Kildare for cleaning out septic tanks at a fair price with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly experienced team. Trust us for maintaining and cleaning your septic tank.

Factors that affect the cost of septic tank emptying in Kildare:

1. Type and size

Septic tanks come in all kinds of shapes. Your building may have one that’s simple and shaped like a bottle with a minimal number of internal chambers. Others may have a septic tank that has several concealed chambers. Those are more complicated to clean and require additional measures or employees and hence come with a higher septic tank cleaning cost. The cost is a bit steeper for older brick tanks.

The size of the septic tank also influences septic tank cleaning prices. Larger septic tanks require more time to be emptied and cleaned. We may charge you based on the size of the tank or for every 1000 gallons.

2. Location

Location affects the price of everything and septic tank cleaning is no different. Kildare is a diverse county with a good mix of urban and rural areas. If you are located in a very remote place, we will need to spend more time and fuel and that may incur additional costs. Make sure that your septic tank needs cleaning before you hire us for the job.

3. Accessibility

We also consider accessibility while quoting a price to our clients. Septic tanks that have tricky locations and require additional equipment or more crew members for clearing out the septic tank. Apart from that, we also need to consider the accessibility of your building.

For instance, if your home or restaurant can only be accessed via a narrow alley, we need to take extra measures to get our industrial equipment to your premises, and that increases the overall cost. We always quote a reasonable price with a detailed cost breakdown and that’s why most people choose us after looking for septic tank maintenance near me.

4. Labour

Labour also dictates the cost of emptying septic tanks in Ireland. While we have a permanent crew, sometimes, additional members need to be hired depending on the job. In those cases, it adds to the overall cost.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the condition of the septic tank may also increase the expenses of emptying the tank. Greaseco has extensive experience in this industry and we always recommend our clients to empty our tank routinely and maintain it in optimal condition. Call now at 01 9081577 or click here to book an appointment.

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