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Why Does Your Commercial Kitchen Unit Need Grease Trap Cleaning Services?

Grease Trap Cleaning

Are you wondering whether or not your commercial kitchen needs a grease trap cleaning? Reading this blog will solve all your worries. In the most basic terms, a grease trap works by pushing down the flow of hot or warm water at a slow pace. Most commercial kitchens need this trap to ensure that any waste material gets trapped inside or goes straight down the drain. If your kitchen does not have a good and high-grade quality trap installed, you will experience a breakdown every now and then. As the water cools due to the installation of this equipment, the waste and the water will separate. The cleaner water will settle at the bottom of the sewer while the waste accumulates at the top.

Now, coming to the cleaning part, getting grease traps Ireland installation is not all. You must hire the best cleaning crew for the job to make sure there is no breakdown of any hygiene unit in your commercial kitchen.

We at Greaseco, have compiled an all-inclusive informative blog to make you aware of the importance of grease trap cleaning. Keep reading to know more!

Grease Trap Cleaning

How Important are Grease Trap Cleaning Services For Your Kitchen?

No More Rotting Smell

Since installing an external grease trap ensures proper collection of waste material and management, cleaning it is an essential tool. You must hire a professional grease trap cleaning service to aid you in that. Your kitchen will receive fewer and fewer customers if the smell and ambiance are not up to the mark. This can be the case when you fail to clean the unit on a regular basis. The trapped waste material which gets accumulated at the top will start to smell and let us assure you it’s really bad! Get hold of a proper cleaning crew when the time comes.

No Breakdown of Kitchen Hygiene Unit

If you do not employ a good maintenance crew for the fear of incurring grease trap cleaning cost, believe us you will be paying much more than you intended to. If your unit harbors waste for a long time without any cleaning, it will break down while your kitchen is running. You will have to bear the plumber’s heavy fees because the whole pipeline will suffer. Instead getting regular services done is the best way to go forward.

Harder to Clean Later

If you are someone who believes that grease trap emptying can be postponed, don’t do it. It will be much more difficult and costlier to get it maintained after years than it is to manage it regularly.

We at Greaseco offer regular, sustainable, and eco-friendly maintenance solutions for your grease traps. Contact us at for more information.


How does Greaseco clean your commercial kitchen grease traps efficiently?

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