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Grease Trap Cleaning Cost And What You Should Know

Grease Trap Cleaning image

Need your grease trap cleaned and pumped? One of the most asked questions is how much does grease trap cleaning cost? The answer to that question may vary from premises to premises.

One of the considerations when calculating is the size of your greasetrap. Greasetrap sizes vary anything from a small 80 litre up to 2000 litres depending on the size of the premises and function. As the work involved varies from one size to another and the amount of grease trap sludge and fog is greater with a higher cost of disposal for the contractor. Another consideration when calculating or assessing the grease trap cleaning cost is accessibility. In other words how accessible is the trap, is it upstairs , in an awkward position or is there some reason that may give way for the contractor cleaning the trap to require assistance from another team member.

However most modern grease traps today are positioned in carefully planned and thought out locations and in many cases are not problematic to gain access to. If you would like a quotation on how much the cost of cleaning your grease trap then why not contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

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