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Grease Trap Cleaning Service

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Restaurants & Pubs

Our company offers a full grease trap service to the Pub & Restaurant Industry

Fast Food Outlets

At Greasco we service clean and install Grease Traps for all types of takeaways in the fast food sector

Deli's, Food Courts,Garage Forecourts and High Street

At Greaseco we service and clean Deli and other related food outletGrease Traps in food shopping centre foodcourts, Garage Forecourts, High street premises.

Factory Kitchens, Hospitals and Other Commercial Canteens

At Greaseco we clean service and install Grease Traps in all types of commercial kitchens and canteens

Grease Trap Service

At Greaseco we take pride in offering a prompt and professional service for the food industry. We specialise in Grease Trap Cleaning and grease management. Our service is prompt and customer friendly. Our vehicles and equipment range from smaller vehicles which can access tight city centre locations to larger vehicles which can accommodate the collection of larger ammounts of grease trap waste in commercial sized forecourts, hotels and similar.

Certified Disposal

In the Dublin area the legislation imposed on many restaurants demands that a regular cleaning and emptying of their grease traps is carried out and recorded for inspection when required and at Greaseco we ensure that your restaurant does not fall short of these requirements.At Greasco we provide a certificate of disposal for your records.This can be used in any future inspections by your local authority.Contact our team today and see what we can do for your restaurant grease trap cleaning, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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