Grease Trap Disposal

Grease Trap Disposal

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Grease Trap Cleaning

Greasco provide and environmental friendly solution to the disposal of grease trap waste. F.O.G which is the common name for grease trap waste as it contains Fats, Oils, Grease is the public enemy number one for the environment. Until now there have been limited solutions to the disposal of this waste and at Greaseco we have the edge when it comes to disposal which is friendly to the environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Our company dispose of your grease trap waste in partnership with a Green Energy company to recycle all of the nasty components contained within grease trap waste and F.O.G. By contacting you can be assured that you are making a contribution to a friendly environmental solution for this waste. We offer a fast, competitive grease trap cleaning and disposal service 24 hours daily. Contact Us Today.