Grease Trap Supply And Installation

Grease Trap Supply

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Grease Trap Supply, Maintenance and Installation

Ensure the efficiency and hygiene of your commercial kitchen with a grease trap system from We are a supplier of a high standard stainless-steel grease traps both passive and automatic which are Dublin-city-council-approved. All of our grease traps are supplied with a 1 year guarantee.

Efficient Installation and Maintenance at an affordable Budget

We offer an affordable grease trap installation service and maintenance for our clients across the country. We supply grease traps of any size that is required and we also offer a follow up cleaning and maintenance service at regular intervals by our trained professionals. We also provide a certificate of disposal for standard cleaning and waste removal of your grease trap waste for further verification if required by your local authority. We offer a prompt and fast service for grease traps and blocked drains at your convenience. For more details or assistance, call us at 01 9081577 today.

Why Choose

  • All Traps made in Ireland
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • Approved by Dublin City Council
  • Manufactured to a High Standard
  • Built by Highly Experienced Fabricators
  • Produced in High Grade Stainless Steel
  • Highly Reliable Equipment
  • Fast & Prompt Support
  • Council Proposal Supplied with Each Order

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