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Grease Trap Cleaning Service

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Septic Tank Cleaning

Greaseco offers efficient septic tank cleaning for commercial establishments. If you are in Kildare, Laoise or Offaly area and looking for a reputed company for septic tank cleaning, connect with us. Clean your septic tank and keep it functional all over the year.

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Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

We, at Greaseco, offer efficient and prompt restaurant grease trap cleaning services with sustainable waste disposal. No need to close your restaurant and lose your business. We offer flexible grease trap cleaning services at an affordable rate. Keep your establishment hygienic and odor free.

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Grease Trap Supply & Installation

Greaseco is a licensed and reputed company offering high grade stainless steel Dublin City Council approved grease traps for commercial establishments. The grease traps are all made in Ireland and come with one year of warranty. We also offer the installation of grease trap.

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Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Commercial kitchens like eateries, café, pubs, bars, canteens and hospitals can produce a lot of FOG. At Greaseco, we offer regular and prompt grease trap cleaning services so that the FOG doesn’t enter the sewage system and cause clogging or create an unhygienic atmosphere in your establishment.

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